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I am still working on my trainers assistant. Since I also want it to help build teams for online battling, I need to include settings for the clauses. I am practical however, I know I can’t include all of the sites. Besides, I figure if I get all of the ones from the games and the major sites, that should cover all but the most obscure clauses.

So which sites with online battling (not ASB) do you think I should include? I already have NetBattle, Shoddy Battle and Pokémon Online.


This is basically one of the best sims on the internet.


Oops. "Could not connect to Showdown server at"

Smogon.Com? Smogon is supporting both Pokémon Online and Pokémon Showdown? Well, that makes it easy. I can get the clauses for both at one place. 8-)

Actually it isn’t just setting the clauses, it’s knowing what to include in my program’s pokédex to check if the team meets the requirements of the clause(s) selected.