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When building a team, is it enough to know that a pokémon has a weakness or resistance to a type (-1, 0, +1) or is better to know how weak or resistant (4x, 2x, 1x, .5x, .25x)?


How weak or resistant is definitely important.


After months of asking this question, finally an answer. Thank you.


Sometimes, the difference between 2x and 4x is the difference between one hit KO and two hit KO.


When I build a team, I will occasionally put two Pokemon with the same 2x weakness together; I will NEVER put two Pokemon with the same 4x weakness together, and in fact if I have one with a 4x weakness I will automatically avoid all other Pokemon weak at all to that type (on my teams, Toxicroak will never be partnered with Machamp or Swalot but may be paired with Drapion or Scrafty).


Well, it is beginning to look like I should have stuck with my original idea. I have one person at work that I asked and went with just the simple system. However, he doesn’t play pokémon that much now. Any guide there is always shows how much the strength and weakness is.