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  • Language Assistance for Pokémon Terms in Japanese and Others

I have noticed that some foreign language sites that used the English language versions of the games use the English spellings when creating lists such as pokédex entries, but use transliterations into their own alphabets for film titles. Does this apply to all other languages?

Nintendo created a special romaji system for trademarking purposes. Bulbapedia also notes the translations of the forms and variants. Are some or all of these translations also trademarked/official translations?

I also noticed that even when written using the order, pokémon (form), when speaking the German order is always “form pokémon”. Wouldn’t that be the proper order when using the forms in normal conversation in all languages (except for the unown, and when using a language that normally uses the noun-adjective syntax order)?

What’s the usual order in Japanese, adjective-noun or noun-adjective? Examples: ポケットモンスター光る or 光るポケットモンスター? ポケモンメス or メスポケモン? ピチューピカチュウ色の or ピカチュウ色のピチュー? ピチューウクレレ or ウクレレピチュー? アンノーンA or Aアンノーン? ポワルンたいようのすがた or たいようのすがたポワルン?

When making a list in English where we want to keep things categorized, we use the following syntax:

car, green car, red truck, blue

How do they do this in Japanese?


The lists were supposed to be vertical.

car, green

car, red

truck, blue