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I want to make Pokédex application for Android. Is it alright if I use database from here ?


I've got to say, this database is MADE for a pokedex.. not literally, but in the sense the layout and sheer volume and organization of all things pokedex is just so.... perfect.. veekun could turn their db into a pokedex in an hour.

picture this. the pokedex compiler just grabs info right from the veekun dex, so once the pokedex's initial layout is built, any updated information will be updated in the next build compilation. the actual app itself could have a "check for update" right in the app, so the information could be updated without the app version needing to be.

oh the possibilities with veekun


Hey both of you (although I just noticed acrophobic20 posted this a whole year ago, oops), just a note that I don't believe Eevee checks his forums at all; you'd be better off trying to contact him through his twitter or any of the relevant links here :) From what I recall his database has always been open for use unless you're seeking to profit from the 'spline' site framework. If you guys haven't seen this page it might come in handy :)

If that doesn't work there's a number of others working on this site who may be able to help, namely the people listed on this page as well as Zhorken :)

Good luck!