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  • Creating a LAN Server for Browser Exploit

So I've been trying to create a RELIABLE LAN server for serving the 3DS browser exploit to my original 3DS. It works sometimes, other times, not.

What I've been trying to do is create a Wi-Fi network using my Macbook to serve the index.html and associated files from this thread:

I turn on Internet sharing, start up the server using MAMP ( and then unplug the ethernet cable from my Macbook to prevent my 3DS from actually getting any connection outside of the local LAN I created with said Macbook. The whole point of this is to take the Internet completely out of the equation to prevent automatic updates. I've been using OpenDNS à la this thread: However, that situation is not ideal because my ISP gives me a dynamic IP address, and I've noticed it changing a lot lately.

I could just use the router's LAN and unplug the router from the modem when I use the exploit, but with other people in the house, that's not an ideal solution, either. And before anyone complains about Fakemon, I'm primarily using the exploit right now to play games from other regions and for Animal Crossing.

I have no idea why, but the server seems to only work reliably on my New 3DS, not the original model. On the original, it sometimes works, but most of the time it does not even connect to the LAN server. I can view the index of the server and even attempt (but obviously not complete) the exploit on the New 3DS. But on the original 3DS it wants to try to open the Nintendo 3DS Bookmarks page as soon as I open the browser, which results in a "connection error" message before I can get to my exploit bookmarks. This seems to somehow screw up my connection to the server. Or maybe it doesn't. I don't know. What I do know is that it sometimes freezes (but doesn't crash) the browser, most often when I'm on the bookmarks screen, before I've even tapped an exploit bookmark.

Once the browser recovers from the freeze (or even if it doesn't freeze at all), I can click the bookmarks to try to load the exploit, but often the original 3DS appears not to even make a successful connection to the server.

Only rarely does the exploit actually work. It's worth noting that it works just fine when connected to the Macbook's server through the router, but as I mentioned, that requires unplugging the modem from the router just in case my IP address has changed since the last time I updated OpenDNS. And if anyone else in the house is using the Internet, it's a complete no go.

My question, then, is this: Does anyone, especially Eevee or Zhorken, know what might be going wrong, or of another way to do this LAN server thing without spending a lot of money on additional hardware? If no one knows themselves, do they know anyone else who might be able to help?