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So, I've been playing with a Unix executable version of this:

It works fine, but the latest commit has an extra command I need to use with my Pokemon Black to backup the save. Unfortunately, there isn't a pre-compiled version of the latest commit. I've never compiled anything in my life, but am reasonably acquainted with command lines, as I've used git pull to duplicate this pokedex, and installed various things via the Brew package manager in Terminal.

Under "Compiling" it says: Should be simple enough - just run make. You'll need at least pkg-config and libusb installed, nothing else should be required.

The package I've been using is number 3 here, which says it was statically compiled with just libusb:

So, I'm pretty sure I can handle getting everything I need, as there are brew formulas for libusb and pkg-config, I just have no idea how to actually do the compiling part. I ran "make --help" in Terminal and am overwhelmed by all the information. The repository makes it sound pretty simple, so do I need to just run "make" on the ndsplus.cpp from the repository -- after installing libusb and pkg-config, of course?