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Earlier today, I was looking for a way to implement veekun's search suggestions into Opera like has been done with Bing, Google, and Wikipedia searches. So, I looked into the javascript for the search box. I saw the following partial URL: '/dex/suggest?prefix=' Knowing that this was what I was searching for, I looked in Opera's search.ini, and found the following lines on the (deleted) Bing search: Suggest Protocol=JSON Suggest URL={SearchTerm}&FORM=OPERAS&Market=en-us On a whim I tried including in the veekun search... Suggest Protocol=JSON Suggest URL={SearchTerm} And while it does work, it is buggy. If there are fewer than five results, it will show:

  • {Any results}
  • {The URL of the first icon for the first result}
  • The name of the first result, in all lowercase letters
  • The kind of the first result (for example, type)
  • The language of the first result
  • The URL of the country flag of the first result
I'll post more on this later.

...Of course not all HTML applies and there's no preview function.