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Hi there,

I'm a German High School student, just about to graduate. I have been working on a JavaScript/PHP version of the old Pokemon:Blue for quite some time now. Although having done a lot already, I cant find the incentive to finally

finish the game and am looking for some support.

My estimate is that the game is about 50% done. Working features: -Movement on and drawing of the map -Pokemons have all the stats (thanks to veekun ;)) and most of the formulas implemented -Fighting vs wild Pokemon and trainers works -The complete outside part of the map is available, tho lacking trainers and some clipping -Catching wild Pokemons works -Some Animations work -Items work, however there is only one item class so far (Pokeball)

Todo: -Attacks with effects other than physical damage are prepared, but need to be implemented -Shops to buy and sell items -Escaping from a battle (+calculating probability) -The Menu to enter text has to be coded -The Monster status screens are not complete -Most of the indoors (caves, homes, ...) of the map need to be imported and linked to the outside world (import tool exists) -Saving (Ive got a concept, but needs to be coded) -Most of the fight-animations need to be extracted from the original game and implemented, a special animation-engine is available -Special stuff like: bike, cuttable trees, the little hills you can jump down from, findable items, detector, safari zone, special quest events, ... -Engine might need some optimization, load times are huge

I hope to find one or two interested programmers that: -have a little spare time ;) -have some experience with OOP, JS, jQuery, Firebug, and PHP (mainly JS tho) -know how to set up a local server (Apache + MySQL) -know how to use svn and to create patches

A running version of the game is available at: Username: guest Password: pkm Note: works best in Chrome; does not work well in IE; loading may take a minute ore two; even slower in FF when Firebug is enabled Controlls: arrow keys, Gameboy-A = A, Gameboy-B = S

All the texts ingame are in German. The source code, however, is 99% English with a few German comments.

Source code is available from SVN on If you want to checkout a copy you need to send me your free username. The code is barely documented, so it might take some time to read into the code. I tried to choose meaningful names and together with Firebug the whole thing should be understandable.

If you are interested in participation or have any questions, answer this thread or mail to

Thanks bnw


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PHP? Apache? MySQL? Just.. no. Ugh.



This is pretty cool actually.