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I'm going to be writing a program soon for my dad. I plan to write it in Python. Since I haven't done much desktop programming in the past, I don't really know what to use. The computer will either be running Windows XP or Ubuntu (though my dad said I should consider Mint), and I don't know what Python package to use with it. I've played some with the GTK module, but I know of both Tkinter and wxPython. I'm just asking for recommendations.

What the program will be doing: -Recording data to a database -Maybe exporting data to an ODS file -Performing math functions based on user input (this is a calculator for agricultural purposes) -Printing receipts, ideally


Qt seems to be popular since it got GPL'd or whatever, but I haven't actually written desktop GUI software in a while.

wx is the worst of all worlds; take that as you will.


If you have an abundance of patience, maybe look into the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL); they have Python bindings available.


Thanks for your advice guys. (I want to clear this up, I read this a while back but decided that I would reply just now.)

I think I'm probably going to write it with the GTK module. I find it pretty easy to use, and it's such a simple program that I don't think I'll have any trouble. :) If you all have any qualms with it, let me know please.