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Hmm, didn't think that veekun's forums would allow for stuff like this. Guess it's part of the spirit of the One True Principle. (That's what I call the Golden Rule that you have on your "Rules" thread - it's very simple and it works.)

Anyway, enough of that. Now for the real reason I'm here.

A bunch of programmers and I are developing an open-source Pokémon game engine known as Four Star Mon. We're trying to give it the works - 3D overworld, battle animations, and all of that stuff. Of course, we've been through a few bumps and struggles, and our work as of now on the current engine has mostly been getting 3D rendering to work properly. We have a lot of work in things like the battle engine, but the project got wiped clean and restarted a few times, so you wouldn't see most of our previous work in the code repositories.

We could do it all with the team that we have right now, but it would be a great asset to have some of the programmers who have spent time here as well help us with ideas, layout, and of course coding work. :P

The program is written in C++, using OpenGL and SFML as libraries.

Here's our website, if you're interested:

That website contains links to the code repository, download links, and things like that.


Uhh... the thread got posted twice by accident. Delete this one, please?


I don't think deleting threads and posts has been programmed yet! (I shouldn't talk coz I don't actually know anything behind the scenes of Veekun, but still.) I myself am going to jump to delete an embarrassing old thread as soon as it's possible. :P

Not an actual coder either so sorry, I guess I can't help; this post was kind of useless oops BUT if you need a 2D artist for anything, I could pitch in, or rally a whole bunch of my pokemon-drawin' friends too! It's basically a PC port of Pokemon, right? Interested to see how it goes. :]


Hmm, what about stuff like overworld tiles and tall grass? And pavement, perhaps.


I love how I respond to everything four days after you say it I'M SORRY

Anyway, I haven't done tiling before, but I'm willing to try it out. The biggest problem is that I'm horrific at long-term projects.. burn out real fast, guess I should've thought of that before casually volunteering, eh? :B My strength is probably commission-esque illustrations, though I have no idea where that fits unless I become Head of Advertisement Design or something.

I'll ask my pals first, and while I'd definitely do my best should I land in the team, you should keep an eye out over the next few months for anyone else who could fill the spot first! :)


Sure thing. Although, if you want a more centralized place to talk about the project, visit the site's forums:


(Stupid inability to edit posts...)

Commission-esque drawings, you say? We might have a use for that too. Come along anyway :B