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  • Veekun's evolutions

I have no idea how I would get the evolutions of a Pokemon, it feels as though this is impossible This is my current query: Name = "Charmander" Data returned:

identifier - charmander, charmeleon, charizard Evolves at level 36, 16, 36


What was the question?


For the record: this was solved on IRC. Or discussed, at least


Has anyone got evolutions to work? The pokemon_evolution table only has evolved_species_id but has no current_species_id! Making it impossible to check anything :[


Use evolves_from_species_id property of pokemon_species. For example, to get evolutions of Eevee, do the following.

SELECT evo.identifier AS evo FROM pokemon_species AS prevo JOIN pokemon_species AS evo ON = evo.evolves_from_species_id WHERE prevo.identifier = 'eevee'; evo

vaporeon jolteon flareon espeon umbreon leafeon glaceon sylveon (8 wierszy)


Aah I was looking in the wrong table. Thanks! :]