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So, if we're allowed to post anything about anything here, here's a controversial topic that's fosho gonna get the Forums moving (maybe).

Justin. Bieber.



In real life I'd be flipping you off right now.

In Soviet Russia, I'd be drunk and trying to get you into a Barfight.

This being a pokemon site, I 'spose the correct course of action is make direct eye contact, devastate the area with earthquakes and tsunamis, and then get into drunken barfights when I lose (I haven't touched my army in a distressingly long time).


Even better. Do the classic Japanese movie duel, where you both stand facing each other far apart, then jump in the air and clash. Then you both land, looking cool, and then one of you (the loser) suddenly collapses due to his injuries. It happens all the time in Pokémon and other anime.


Only If we get to wear funny hats. In which case I totally call the space marine helmut.


It's amazing, the conversations Pokemon fans have.


Pokemon, to me as a game series, is a special little thing that has achieved the ultimate in gamingness... bear with my logic for a second.

We play games to waste time, be they board/ball/video/stick&hoop related, and most of us have racked up incredible playtimes on the pokemon line...usually with every season worth. My point being is its an magical timesink for some weird reason, and aside from breeding; its mostly-not boring.

Its def not my favourite series (I am a monster hunter at heart), but it does its job bloody well.

Now about that drunken barfight, unless you want to help me reassemble my army.