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  • Which Game--Black or White?

I was thinking of getting the new Pokemon game, but I'm not sure which one. I can only afford one, too.

So the question remains: black, or white?



I'm not too sure we can give any assistance on this! :P If it helps, here's the version exclusives. Just pick whichever one has your favourite pokemon I guess, or if you want Black City/White Forest, consider that too.

If you literally cannot choose, I know my friend said White was a whole lot more popular than Black, so go against the crowd! Revel in your increased trade opportunities! Be racially tolerant!


I'm waiting for grey myself.


I'd say White myself. The only real deciding factor is probably White Forest vs Black City, and the average player would probably prefer White Forest.


White Forest


Go for version 2 if you like more mini-games. Build the perfect mini-mall.


have been wondering about this to trying to get into generation 5, its leaning towards white and white 2 when ever i get around to get em.


Get Black/White, then the opposite version in vers. 2. And get grey.


@Glacia - what's grey?