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Original Magearna
Original Magearna

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  • Steel
  • Fairy
Hidden Ability
Breeding + Training
Egg groups
  • Undiscovered
Base EXP 270
Base happiness 0
Capture rate 3
HP 80
Attack 95
Defense 115
Special Attack 130
Special Defense 115
Speed 65
Base stat total 600
  • 3 Special Attack
${_(u"Trainer dude")} Original Magearna
Height 3'3.4"
1.0 m
${_(u"Trainer dudette")} Original Magearna
Weight 177.5 lb
80.5 kg
Genus Artificial Pokémon
Color Gray
Habitat n/a
Footprint n/a

Level-up moves

Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon Original Magearna
Original Magearna
Level 1 Crafty Shield
Gear Up
Shift Gear
Iron Head
Helping Hand
Sonic Boom
Defense Curl
Level 9 Lucky Chant
Level 17 Aurora Beam
Level 25 Mirror Shot
Level 33 Mind Reader
Level 41 Flash Cannon
Level 49 Fleur Cannon
Level 57 Iron Defense
Level 65 Pain Split
Level 73 Synchronoise
Level 81 Aura Sphere
Level 89 Heart Swap
Level 97 Trump Card


Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon Original Magearna
Original Magearna
Level up
Aura Sphere
Aurora Beam
Crafty Shield
Defense Curl
Flash Cannon
Fleur Cannon
Gear Up
Heart Swap
Helping Hand
Iron Defense
Iron Head
Lucky Chant
Mind Reader
Mirror Shot
Pain Split
Shift Gear
Sonic Boom
Trump Card
Brick Break (TM31)
Calm Mind (TM04)
Charge Beam (TM57)
Confide (TM100)
Dazzling Gleam (TM99)
Double Team (TM32)
Echoed Voice (TM49)
Embargo (TM63)
Energy Ball (TM53)
Explosion (TM64)
False Swipe (TM54)
Flash Cannon (TM91)
Focus Blast (TM52)
Frustration (TM21)
Giga Impact (TM68)
Grass Knot (TM86)
Gyro Ball (TM74)
Hidden Power (TM10)
Hyper Beam (TM15)
Ice Beam (TM13)
Light Screen (TM16)
Protect (TM17)
Reflect (TM33)
Return (TM27)
Round (TM48)
Shadow Ball (TM30)
Solar Beam (TM22)
Substitute (TM90)
Swagger (TM87)
Thunder Wave (TM73)
Thunderbolt (TM24)
Trick Room (TM92)
Volt Switch (TM72)