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Tryyyyying to handle the server load here, with some success, but it seems everything I do just lets more people hit the server and then I have the same problem again. :V

Enjoy some move and ability names, and effects for... most of them. I threw in the Japanese flavor text if you can read it better than I.

Also applied a duct-tape fix with my rampant use of Pokémon icons that should cut the number of requests down significantly, I hope.

And fixed some bogus SQL in the forums. Yeah hey you know the forums:

More of this nonsense tomorrow, I'm sure. Next up is items and more server bandaids.


PS here are all the new moves:

And abilities, at the bottom:


Checking with Bablefish and google translate and freetranslation, for the occasional automatic translation that make sense. Brute Force : Power becomes strong, but there is no additional effect. Competitive Spirit : When ability goes down, attack rises. Faint Hearted : When HP becomes half, ability goes down. (Its own stats it sounds like) cursed body : When it is attacked it does occasionally or to constrain (a trapping ability?) harvest : Coming and using drinking starts to be made many times. Telepathy : Grasping the attack of friend, it does not receive. mirical skin : It has become the body which is difficult to receive change skill. brazen : When the partner is defeated, attack rises. chatter : Agility to go up there scared type. magic mirror : It is possible to return change skill. mischievous heart : Being preemptive, change skill it is possible to put out. victory star : A/the self and collaborativ hit rise. turbo blaze : Skills effect partner regardless of quality teravoltage : Skills effect partner regardless of quality

Google translate is pretty useless for Japanese.




Haha man are you sure you shouldn't like.. mirror the 5th-gen stuff on some random free sitemaker, at least until the traffic slows down? Well I guess there wouldn't be many that allow more than basic stuff. If there's a way to do it though, I reckon mirroring is the best solution. I keep forgetting the sheer number of people who'd be using this website, now. Sweet job keeping it running.

In the meantime I will do my best to lighten the load, by not checking this website five times a day. Today I have only checked it twice. Self control, amirite.


I notice this doesn't have the changes to old moves yet!


Well, presumably they just haven't gotten around to changing those yet. One would presume the new moves are accurate.

Smogon also has a research thread testing changes to old move mechanics:


Fight on, server! Fight!