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No ACTUAL update because I was busy screwing with the server all day, with.. some? success? ???????????

Anyway, I filled in the rest of the ability effects, and fixed a couple moves/abilities that were wrong. My skill at reading grade-school Japanese is rapidly improving.

Feel free to use this thread to tell me how I'm a moron and some move actually does this or that.

Also I'm curious to see if I manage to become the de facto standard translation for move/ability names that I translated differently from everyone else. 8)

Pokémon; moves; abilities.

Also of note is that a lot of existing moves had their stats fiddled in Gen V. As a courtesy to people still trying to use veekun as a guide for Gen IV, I haven't updated old moves. Here's a list of them. Similarly, almost every Pokémon had its base experience adjusted, but nobody even knows what that means so who cares.


Ye, I've never really understood the meaning behind base experience. Maybe someone could enlighten me?


Base experience is basically a value that is put into the experience formula (Base experience * level / 7, if I remember correctly) to determine the experience given for defeating this Pokémon. There were also modifiers to account for giving added experience against trainers and when using Pokémon obtained in trades.

Now it looks at a glance like they've just split all Pokémon into three experience classes, while all that experience scaling according to level stuff comes on - basically the whole experience formula has, from the looks of it, been modified.


There is still a column for base experience—or, at least, a column with numbers that often resemble gen4's base experience. They had to move it because they removed the 255 cap on base exp.

What took its place is a 1, 2, or 3 that more or less correlates with evolution stage, but I have no idea what it means.


558: cross flame

Serebii says "increase in power if hit by a huge thunder (cross thunder)" but not "both moves inflict more damage"


FYI, old Pokémon that learn new moves:


thanks for the list!


I've noticed that the sprites no longer change when you change the number in the height or weight section =( Will this be fixed?


Yeah, I killed that and the lookup suggestions to help deal with the server load. :| They should be back soon.


Oh...darn. Understandable though--probably a lot of traffic with B/W out. Shall look forward to them being enabled again XD I seem to have the worst timing--thought of a perfect use for them and yeah :P


in the dex, missing sprites of mebukijika Spring and Fall (Winter) forms same for shikijika