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I was still on 9.10. Now on 10.04, almost in time to be two versions old!

Also, there's now Markdown support in the forums. You can even link to Pokémon, I think: Eevee.

Of course, there's no post editing, so if this doesn't work I can't even fix it real quick and save face.


hell yes I am amazing and totally knew that would work


ok well front page needs to handle it but you know whatever

I'll do that.. later..


hey Eevee when can I merge my three accounts

because that would be awesome


but I want to keep this color ribbon because it has colors I like ok!!


Woah a few hours ago I went to veekun for something and it was down. LOOKS LIKE I WALTZED IN RIGHT AT THE UPGRADE.

Personal opinion is that it doesn't make sense to order the news items according to source, if new things are seperated from the rest of them. Unless this is framework for something fancier. In the end I'd get used to all of it, anyway, so no big deal.

Sanky why would you make three accounts even.


Plastic box, I used multiple openids! Granted, I won't be changing the current one, so it doesn't matter.


According to source?? News items are all sorted newest-first. They just tend to come in chunks because Bulbanews updates frequently.


... wait OH lol sorry I swear before the upgrade there was bulbanews stuff in between like, everything. When I look at it now the first veekun news is still at the bottom, guess I wasn't paying attention right.

"Plastic box, I used multiple openids! Granted, I won't be changing the current one, so it doesn't matter." HAHA orite, my bad. I only have one so I somehow didn't take that into account. (Derp I made a pun.)

Dang where is everyone, it needs to be a total party in here. That other thread with all the people was [i]awesome[/i].


asdklfgjklhgfkjfgf awesome* unless that doesn't work either

you need to write in editing posthaste ):





Header 1 Header 2 Header 3 Header 4 Header 5 Header 6
  • ul 1
  • ul 2
  • ul 3

  • ol 1

  • ol 2
  • ol 3

Testing testing testing

print "Hello world"


Nested quote


Linking to Pokémon test? Number: Eevee Name: Eevee URL: Eevee