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First of all, this site is great. So great. This is the best for ease of use and raw data. I get surprised when I can't do something pretty instantly.

That said, here are some things I can't figure out how to do pretty instantly.

I can't figure out how to see when a move hits everything in doubles and swarms, or everything adjacent in triples. I have to [url=]rely on Bulbapedia to find all those[/url]. I can't figure out how to see when a move gets split into weaker attacks that hit multiple foes in doubles, triples, or swarms. Again [url=]Bulbapedia is helpful[/url] so it isn't the end of the world. I can't find links to smogon for commentary and stuff. They have a new site with pages for everything gen 6, if not content. This will be less of an issue if they fix their search engine so I can just highlight text and right click and go there, like I can for your site, which is awesome.

I hate to sound ungrateful, since you have a cool free website. If you want to improve it in those ways, then here are the suggestions. Take it or leave it.


Thanks! Always nice to hear from fans, hahah.

I actually added target to the move search pretty recently. Those examples are all other Pokémon and all opponents, respectively. (Though, yeah, with the advent of triple battles those names aren't quite accurate.)

I didn't know Smogon had finally updated for X/Y; I guess I'll get that in tomorrow.