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Name +10% -10% Likes flavor Hates flavor
Lonely Attack Defense Spicy: Cool Sour: Tough
Adamant Attack Special Attack Spicy: Cool Dry: Beauty
Naughty Attack Special Defense Spicy: Cool Bitter: Smart
Brave Attack Speed Spicy: Cool Sweet: Cute
Bold Defense Attack Sour: Tough Spicy: Cool
Impish Defense Special Attack Sour: Tough Dry: Beauty
Lax Defense Special Defense Sour: Tough Bitter: Smart
Relaxed Defense Speed Sour: Tough Sweet: Cute
Modest Special Attack Attack Dry: Beauty Spicy: Cool
Mild Special Attack Defense Dry: Beauty Sour: Tough
Rash Special Attack Special Defense Dry: Beauty Bitter: Smart
Quiet Special Attack Speed Dry: Beauty Sweet: Cute
Calm Special Defense Attack Bitter: Smart Spicy: Cool
Gentle Special Defense Defense Bitter: Smart Sour: Tough
Careful Special Defense Special Attack Bitter: Smart Dry: Beauty
Sassy Special Defense Speed Bitter: Smart Sweet: Cute
Timid Speed Attack Sweet: Cute Spicy: Cool
Hasty Speed Defense Sweet: Cute Sour: Tough
Jolly Speed Special Attack Sweet: Cute Dry: Beauty
Naive Speed Special Defense Sweet: Cute Bitter: Smart


Your Pokémon's characteristic tells you which of its genes is highest, and which digit that gene's value ends with.

Ends with 0 or 5 Ends with 1 or 6 Ends with 2 or 7 Ends with 3 or 8 Ends with 4 or 9
HP Loves to eat Takes plenty of siestas Nods off a lot Scatters things often Likes to relax
Attack Proud of its power Likes to thrash about A little quick tempered Likes to fight Quick tempered
Defense Sturdy body Capable of taking hits Highly persistent Good endurance Good perseverance
Special Attack Highly curious Mischievous Thoroughly cunning Often lost in thought Very finicky
Special Defense Strong willed Somewhat vain Strongly defiant Hates to lose Somewhat stubborn
Speed Likes to run Alert to sounds Impetuous and silly Somewhat of a clown Quick to flee